Research and New Information, What to Do?

I get the question all the time “Where do you get new information related to health and fitness?”

I’ve recieved it so much lately, I figured it would make a good blog post and was inspired by Mark Young and Bret Contreras talking about how they learn.

Confession Time

I have a confession to make.

I have had to put my general reading on the back burner a bit.


I know, I know, I should be reading more, but the key question to ask is “Is that the best way to learn?”

I also probably read more research than most still though. Most don’t read research and I am fine with that as long as you don’t try to state that “research shows….” and you are pulling it out of your butt!

Since I am working on a project (book chapter) on protein, I have about 40 studies sitting in front of me on it at any point in time. Other topics are energy drinks and metabolic flexiblity; so I tend to read everything on those topics.

I can’t read on a computer screen for long, so I keep studies printed out and in my backpack or at my desk (aka kitchen table) which normally has a huge pile at all times of fun stuff to read.

I read a few blogs and other sites for fun on occasion as a break.


Alan Aragon’s Research Review (AARR) is a must!  For like 10 clams a month you get some great article and breakdowns of research.   I have written research reviews and it takes more time than people realize, so I will cheerfully pay a 10 spot for it.

The Valencia mediacasts from Carl Valle are great too.  You can find him at and send him a note if you want to sign up to them.   They are dirt cheap and awesome info. I make zero money from promoting either one.

Research Journals

I have subscriptions to the Journal of Strength and Conditioning and Medicine & Science in Sport and Exercise from ACSM. Since I am still a student, I can get access to almost any full study which is great.

I use Evernote through my phone to snap pictures of printed studies, upload then and pull the full study. I can use Ref Works to add in abstracts to Ref Works database.

As of today I have over 1,360 studies in there. Looks like I will buying a subscription to ref works for the rest of my life once I graduate!   They got me.


I do find great research on there from time to time too. It is also a great way to connect with people using the ole interwebz.


I love listening to podcasts and my ipod is great for it.

My top 2 favs are  Ironradio and Super Human Radio and not just because I’ve been a guest on both shows in the past, but top notch information in an entertaining format too.

Other good ones are  The Fitcast,  the Strength Coach Podcast and Sports Rehab Expert podcast.    I have to confess that I generally listen to these for some good nuggets and to also see what most people are into.  I am working on seeing things from the other person’s perspective, so I can understand how they think and view things.  I feel this will make it easier for me to communicate with them.

Action Time!

Collection is not the goal. Action/results are the goal. Frankie has a great post below on it

Are you a collector or connector?

I always look to see what ACTION I need to take to test the new info I learn. My goal is not to just collect info, it is to see what is useful and how does it change what I do.

I think ACTON is a missing link many times.


I am one of those old school people that does not download music for free. At last count I have about 1,400 CDs. Yes, the old silver looking platters. I still love getting all the art work and listening to it how the final mix was supposed to sound, not compressed to hell and back on MP3s.

I do love my ipod since you can put so many track on there, but I prefer to buy CDs still and support the artists themselves directly.

Similar to electronic products, if you like the product and the person who purchased it, just buy it. The people that I know who put out products are doing it for the love it and yes they want to make some money from it too. They are not doing it just to pump up their bank account.  They are doing it to make a living yes, but primarily to help others.


How do you learn? What are some good resources that you use?
Let me know by placing a comment below!

Rock on

Mike T Nelson

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